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Housing facilities are essential for social welfare as they are directly linked to living standards and quality of life of the people. SAMBU turned to apartment construction as early as in the 1960s, and has since been at the forefront of the nation's housing sector to help people live a happier life. SAMBU's commitment to reasonable, yet quality housing service, including redevelopment, reconstruction and construction for sale, has helped open the era of renaissance in the nation's housing culture.
  Bucheon Combined Heat and Power Plant North Jeju Thermal Power Plant
Yeognam Thermal Power Plant Yeongheung Thermal Power Plant
Gunsan Compound Thermal Power Plant South Jeju Thermal Power Plant

Bucheon Combined Heat and Power Plant Bucheon, Korea
Client or
Korea Electric Power Corporation
Jan. 1991 ~ Mar. 1994
  Power Generating : 473 MW
(105.2 MW×3 + 157.4 MW ×1)
Earthwork: 117,585 ㎥
Building Works
Main building & Others: 17 Nos.
Chimney: 2 Nos. H: 80 m
Mechanical Works
Gas Turbine Generator: 105.2MW×3Nos.
Steam Tubine Generator:157.4MW×1No.
HRSG & Appurtenant Facilities:
Boiler & Chimney×4 Nos.
Electrical Works
Main Transformer Installation
S/T: 3φ13.5/154kv161/180 mva, 1 No.
G/T: 3φ13.8/154 kv/107/120 mva, 4 Nos.
Transformer Relay Board S/T:
800×600×2,350: 1Set
480 V M.M.C.: 30 Nos.
Main Control Board: 1Set
Other Facilities
Steam Turbine/Generator:130mw×4Nos.
Condensed Water System
Facilities: Condensed Water
Tanks: 3,100 ㎥,Pump: 9 Nos.
Cooling Water/Supplementary
Cooling Water System Facilities
Cooling Tower & Heating
Exchanger: 1 No.
Water Treatment Facilities
Fuel Supply Facilities
Water Supply Facilities
Sewage Treatment Facilities