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Housing facilities are essential for social welfare as they are directly linked to living standards and quality of life of the people. SAMBU turned to apartment construction as early as in the 1960s, and has since been at the forefront of the nation's housing sector to help people live a happier life. SAMBU's commitment to reasonable, yet quality housing service, including redevelopment, reconstruction and construction for sale, has helped open the era of renaissance in the nation's housing culture.
  Hwaseong, Dongtan Sambu Renaissance Daejeon Noeun Sambu Condominiums
Daejeon Noeun Sambu Condominiums Turf View Apartment
Dongbaek Area Koaru Condominiums Asan, Gwongok-dong sambu Renaissance Condominiums
Pyeongtaek, Poseung Area Sambu Renaissance Condominiums Sambu Bundang Condominiums

Hwaseong, Dongtan Area (2-8 Block) Sambu
Renaissance Condominiums Hwaseong, Korea
Client or
Korea Veterans Association
May 2004 ~ Feb. 2007

17~28-story R.C. Structure Bldg.
10 Bldgs. : 732 Units
Total Floor Area: 104,304 ㎡