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As is well demonstrated by the super high-rise buildings in foreign countries as well as museums and hotels that require delicate and careful workmanship, SAMBU's sophisticated architectural technology has been recognized both at home and abroad. Construction of the highest quality for posh hotels, mixture of traditional and advanced technologies to restore and preserve museums and cultural assets, and an impressive housing culture are what SAMBU delivers. SAMBU stands for superb architecture, where technology and customer needs coincide to create a space of dreams. Architectural Works
  MBF Finance Head Office Building Yongin Dongbaek Shopping Center(B, C Block)
Yeoksam Office Building Daehan Theater Central Election Management Commission Building
Seifullina Office Project

MBF Finance Head Office Building Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Client or
MBF Finance Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
Jun. 1994 ~ Dec. 1997

49 Story Office Building
with 10 Story Carpark
R.C. Structure
Floor Area: 74,100 ㎡
Concrete: 43,700 ㎥
Height: 235 m
Infrastructure, Mechanical Work,
Electrical Work, Swimming Pool