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Holder of the Republic of Korea's Construction Business License No. 1, SAMBU has been involved in numerous works as the frontrunner in civil works.

It has demonstrated outstanding technologies in construction of major dams for harnessing the nation's water resources, roads, harbors, railroads, subways, bridges, etc. In particular, the flawless construction of the nation's first-ever under-riverbed subway tunnel linking Mapo and Yeoido is one of the shining examples of SAMBU's technological achievements.

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Sancheong Dam Sancheong, Korea
   (Pumped Storage Power Plant)
Client or Owner
Korea Electric Power Corporation
Construction Period
1994. 7. 26 ~ 2002. 5 31
  Upper Dam
Height: 125.5 m
Length: 362.4 m
Embankment Volume: 2,375,000 ㎥
Lower Dam
Height: 81.5 m
Length: 308.1 m
Embankment Volume: 1,491,000 ㎥
Design Flood Discharge:
1,548 ㎥/Sec
Width: 25 m
Length: 216 m
Type: Bell Mouth
Dimension: 29×21×45 m
Headrace Tunnel
Type: Circular Section
Dia: 7.8 m
Length: 545 m